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Winner Announced! Congratulations David!

Congratulations to David Matthews for his 'Recreational Water Illness Police' Video! David was encouraged to enter by family members and is filmed putting handcuffs on his brother in one of the final shots. You can watch his video on CDC's website HERE. His video will also be posted on CDC's Streaming Health YouTube Channel and he will receive $1,000. Congratulations, David!

Thank you to all of the filmmakers and public voters who made this 'challenge' possible. Voting went down to the last few minutes before midnight on Friday, July 25th. Keith's video 'Safe Swimming Summer' was runner-up and will also…

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Vote today!

Remember to vote today through Friday, July 22nd for the top video and winner of $1,000. You can watch each video and vote for the winner under the 'Submissions' tab. Click the 'vote' button under your video of choice. You may not vote for the same video more than ONE (1) time.

Congratulations to our finalists! We had so many great videos to choose from; it was difficult to narrow down the entrants to the top 5. THANK YOU for your hard work. We hope it was a fun and educating experience for ALL!

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Voting Starts Monday, July 18th!

Remember to share this site with your friends next week. YOU get to decide the winner of $1,000. Top videos will be posted soon and voting begins this Monday, July 18th.

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Submission Countdown

Just a reminder- July 4th is the deadline for videos. You've got 10 days, you can do it!

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Video Contest as Fun Summer Camp Activity!

Looking for a day camp activity by the pool? Learn important information about how to prevent Recreational Water Illnesses (such as swimmers ear and diarrhea  from germs spread in the pool) and then make a VIDEO educating others about RWIs as a group. No fancy video equipment required, most camera have a video setting and just upload your video to this challenge.gov site! 

Your video might be chosen for the $1,000 grand prize and shown on CDC's website for all to see.

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The number of RWI outbreaks have increased in recent years...

WHY is it important to take an active role in helping prevent the spread of germs in pools?

In the past two decades, there has been a substantial increase in the number of RWI outbreaks associated with swimming. Crypto, which can stay alive for days even in well-maintained pools, has become the leading cause of swimming pool-related outbreaks of diarrheal illness. From 2004 to 2008, reported Crypto cases increased over 200% (from 3,411 cases in 2004 to 10,500 cases in 2008). (MMWR, 2010)

The most commony reported RWI is diarrhea, but RWIs include a variety of infections, including…

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Easy to Enter

Now it's even easier to submit your video- just sign-in via your facebook account.